Unique manufacturing process achieves antioxidant properties

Today’s Hydrogen is composed of natural coral calcium harvested from the sea of Okinawa, the southernmost islands of Japan. This coral calcium undergoes a unique manufacturing process using TAANE’s proprietary method within a specialized furnace. During this process, it not only gains natural minerals but also develops alkaline properties and reductive functions that combat active oxygen, a factor responsible for various diseases. Regular coral calcium does not possess alkaline properties and reductive functions; these advantages are only acquired through TAANE’s unique manufacturing process.

Allergy-friendly HPMC capsule

Allergy-friendly capsules are used in Today’s Hydrogen. Those who have concerns about pork gelatin capsules can also take it with confidence. We use solid quality capsules made by a top Japanese manufacturer for Today’s Hydrogen.

Hydrogen supplement capsule

Differences compare to other Hydrogen products

Today’s Hydrogen is different from other hydrogen products. First, it is rich in calcium and other natural minerals and second, it maintains a negative ORP value for more than 24 hours. Hydrogen water, for example, quickly loses its hydrogen content and the ORP value tends to be positive, but Today’s hydrogen maintains its reducing power, as shown in the graph on the right.

Control (Tap Water)

ORP: 733mV pH: 7.47

30 Min. later

ORP: -241mV pH: 10.71

What’s ORP?

ORP is a value measured in millivolts (mV), which indicates the oxidation/reduction condition in water. It shows a positive (+) value when water is in an oxidizing state and a negative (?) value when the water has a reducing capacity.

Today’s Hydrogen has synergistic effect with other anti-oxidants

Research on mice has shown that Today’s Hydrogen, through its radical half-life effects, exhibits antioxidant properties. Further research has revealed that combining Vitamin C and E, Omega-3, Catechin, and Anthocyanin with Today’s Hydrogen results in a synergistic effect, significantly enhancing antioxidant power.

DPPH radical scavenging experiment

DPPH radical is a known artificial radical used to measure antioxidant properties. The color of a DPPH water solution changes from a deep color to a transparent solution when the DPPH radical is erased. We introduced Today’s Hydrogen water solution into the DPPH water solution, which effectively erased the DPPH radical. However, if you attempt the same method with hydrogen water, the radical is not erased.



Importing is not a difficult task

We have been exporting our product worldwide for over 10 years. There is no need for you to struggle with the importing process. Our experienced staff will assist with your import and custom clearance, and we have already prepared various documents for the importing process. Importing is not a difficult task.

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