100% Ocean Hydrogen Calcium supplement

Hydrogen Essential is a dietary supplement (Hydrogen supplement) contains 100% Ocean Hydrogen Calcium powder. OHC is made from natural edible coral calcium from Okinawa. A patented manufacturing process enables the coral calcium to generate hydrogen. Both coral calcium and hydrogen are safe ingredients of a product that will make you feel great.

Characteristics of Hydrogen Essential

  • Hydrogen Essential is a hydrogen supplement
    Hydrogen Essential is fired natural coral calcium in special furnace generates with hydrogen gas under the strict quality controls using a patented manufacturing process (No. 4404657 Japan ).
  • Hydrogen Essential changes volatile active oxygen radicals into water
    By giving its electrons, Hydrogen Essential changes active oxygen radicals into water. In vitro research has established hydrogen’s property to eradicate the particularly damaging hydroxyl radical.
  • Hydrogen Essential boosts other anti-oxidants property
    Half-life research of free radical on mice has been demonstrated the anti-oxidant property by Hydrogen Essential. It also boosts the anti-oxidative properties of Vitamins C, E, Omega-3 fatty acid, Catechin, and Anthocyanin. You can take Hydrogen Essential with other anti-oxidants to get more anti-oxidant ability.
  • Hydrogen Essential contains not only hydrogen but also calcium
    Hydrogen Essential offers the benefit of being both a hydrogen supplement and a mineral supplement. Each capsule contains 156mg of calcium. The raw material of Hydrogen Essential is now commercially available worldwide in the powder, capsule and tablet form.

Hydrogen Essential lead Negative ORP

Hydrogen Essential capsule turns water into negative ORP value when you put 2 capsules into tap water. the negative value maintains in the water more than 24 hours, thus reduction ability would keep a very long time compare with regular hydrogen water.

When using, please take the capsule with water or other liquids, not in water.

What’s ORP?

ORP is a value measured in millivolts (mV), which indicates the oxidation/reduction condition in water. It shows a positive (+) value when water is in an oxidizing state and a negative (–) value when the water has a reducing capacity.

Differences compared with other hydrogen products

Hydrogen Essential is a dietary supplement raw material manufactured by TAANE’s patented method with Hydrogen gas. It is made of natural coral calcium gathered in a sea of Okinawa islands located in the Japanese most southern sea area. It includes 22 kinds of natural minerals typified by Calcium. Also, it is added alkaline property and function of reducing free radical causes aging and a lot of diseases.

Boost the power of other antioxidants

Research on mice has demonstrated the ability of Hydrogen Essential to boost the anti-oxidative properties of Vitamins C and E. In addition, Hydrogen Essential also boosts the power of other antioxidants such as CoQ10, Omega-3 acid, Catechine, Anthocyanin. (In-vitro)

Nutrition Fact