Alkaline coral calcium by furnacing with H2

Ocean Hydrogen Coral is made of natural coral calcium harvested from the sea of Okinawa, southernmost islands of Japanese, and is bound Hydrogen by the patented method by TAANE. It contains not only natural minerals, but also turns into the alkaline property and added reductive function against active oxygen which causes various diseases by a patented manufacturing method using hydrogen gas. Generally, there is no Alkaline property and reductive property in regular coral calcium. Only after TAANE’s manufacturing method does coral calcium has these advantages, and the method makes coral calcium turns into hydrogen supplement raw material.

You can make your own hydrogen supplement with OHC, and you can mix it with other material as anti-oxidant agent.

OHC is a gift from the sea of Okinawa, and the reductive property supports your healthy life.

GMP & Kosher certified facility

OHC is produced in TAANE’s own GMP certified facility with strict quality control. The facility is also certified “cRc” kosher. The cRc is one of the largest regional Orthodox organization in North America, and cRc’s certificate is widely accepted among Jewish society. If you need kosher dietary supplement in your business, feel free to tell us. We provide a solution.

The characteristic of the Ocean Hydrogen Coral

  • Ocean Hydrogen Coral is a hydrogen supplement material
    OHC is fired natural coral calcium in special furnace generates with hydrogen gas under the strict quality controls using a patented manufacturing process (No. 4404657 Japan ).
  • OHC changes volatile active oxygen radicals into water
    By giving its electrons, OHC changes active oxygen radicals into water. In vitro research has established hydrogen’s property to eradicate the particularly damaging hydroxyl radical.
  • OHC boosts other anti-oxidants property
    Half-life research of free radical on mice has been demonstrated the anti-oxidant property by OHC. It also boosts the anti-oxidative properties of Vitamins C, E, Omega-3 fatty acid, Catechin, and Anthocyanin. You can take OHC with other anti-oxidants to get more anti-oxidant ability.
  • OHC contains not only hydrogen but also calcium
    OHC offers the benefit of being both a hydrogen supplement and a mineral supplement. Each capsule contains 156mg of calcium. The OHC is now commercially available worldwide in the powder, capsule and tablet form.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) Measurements

ORP value before Ocean Hydrogen Coral
ORP: 733mV   pH: 7.47
ORP value after Ocean Hydrogen Coral
ORP value 60 minutes later mixing with OHC

ORP is a value measured in millivolts (mV), which indicates the oxidation/reduction condition in water. It shows a positive (+) value when water is in an oxidizing state and a negative (–) value when the water has a reducing capacity.

Differences compared with other hydrogen products

OHC is a dietary supplement raw material manufactured by TAANE’s patented method with Hydrogen gas. Its raw material is natural coral calcium gathered in a sea of Okinawa islands located in the Japanese most southern sea area. It includes 22 kinds of natural minerals typified by Calcium. Also, OHC is added alkaline property and function of reducing free radical causes aging and a lot of diseases.

Reinforces the power of antioxidant

We measured the antioxidant ability of each antioxidant which was added OHC. The result was as follows.

half life with Ocean Hydrogen Coral

Each antioxidant ability of antioxidants was reinforced by OHC. Thus, our powder could utilize to your supplement for enhancer of antioxidant ability.

ORP value compare with other hydrogen supplement

Comparison of ORP value including Ocean Hydrogen Coral and other hydrogen supplement

Usually, ORP value turns into positive value easily. Some hydrogen product’s ORP value is hyper excessive and brief.  However, OHC maintains a negative value for more than 24 hours.  It has salient features that cannot be found elsewhere.

Experiments on the eradication of active oxygen

eradication of active oxygen

OHC has demonstrated the ability to eradicate problematic hydroxyl radical specifically.

Our bodies are equipped with enzymes such as SOD and catalase to defend against free radical damage. However, as we age these defense mechanisms become less effective. It is important that we make up for this loss of free radical protection by consuming an ample supply of antioxidants. Providing the body with Hydrogen preemptively stops excessive damage to the cells and DNA by reducing active oxygen free radicals to harmless water. The edible minus hydrogen ion supplement specifically eradicates the very reactive and damaging hydroxyl free radical but does not react with the superoxide radical, which has an important immunological function in the body.

OHC specifically eradicates the most reactive and damaging hydroxyl radical but does not react with the superoxide radical, which acts an important role in immunological function in the body.

What is the difference between TAANE’s and other hydrogen supplements?

DPPH radical test

Comparison of DPPH radical test

DPPH radical is known as an artificial radical to measure the antioxidant properties. The color of DPPH water solution turns into transparent water solution when DPPH radical is erased. We added OHC water solution into DPPH water solution then DPPH radical was erased. However, if you test the same method with hydrogen water, the radical is not erased.

Half-life test (PCAM)

Half life of P-CAM compared with other hydrogen material

We conducted the half-life test of PCAM. The half-life period of PCAM on hydrogen gas infused water and water with metal magnesium was over 600sec. However, the half-life of PCAM on OHC is less than 60 seconds. Regarding erasing PCAM, OHC demonstrated excellent property.

It’s not hard to import

We’ve exported the product for more than 10 years worldwide. No need to struggle to import. Experienced staff supports your import and customs clearance. Our various documents are already prepared to import.