As a manufacturer of negative hydrogen powder, We are offering Private label. We also have a GMP certified own factory with state of art facility and machines of calculation filling, labeling and packing.

Advantage of TAANE’s private label offer

  1. Our designer propose several label designs
    We could design your private label according to your requirements or brand image. Of course you could give us your design data. Adobe illustrator would be acceptable. We are well-experienced about printing. From simple label to special processing artistic label, we produce it with reasonable cost.
  2. Hard/soft capsule, tablet are available
    We could produce hard/ soft capsule, and tablet form as private label mixed with Negative hydrogen powder.
  3. Fast bottling, labeling and fast packing
    When you order 100% negative hydrogen ion capsule, we produce and shipping it much faster period compare with regular factory.
  4. Shipping abroad
    Several shipping company and we are in a cooperative relationship for shipping abroad. We could send your private label to the all over the world. Of course, you could choose your forwarder.
  5. Minimum order is available
    If you chose 100% negative hydrogen ion powder capsule, we offer your private label just a few cartons.

Actual Example of Private Label

Country: Hungary
Product name: Recovery+ (Plus)
Raw material: Multi vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6 C, D, E), Folic acid, Niacin, Magnesium, Coral calcium

1. Inquiry by e-mail

We received an inquiry message via our website first.
Our staff replied to them, then, we talked with STOCOG about the product they’d like to market in Hungary.

2. Quotation

We sent several quotation along STOCOG’s demand with each quantity, filled amount, materials)

3. Trial production

After the formula was fixed, we suggested trial production, and STOCOG and we fixed other details such as bottle, label and shelf life.

4. Assist documentation

We assisted documentation for custom clearance and registration in Hungary.

5. Sign contract

As STOCOG and we agreed all terms for private label manufacturing, we signed a contract each other.

6. Production

After signing contract, we proceeded to manufacturing phase. At the same time, we printed the bottle label.

7. Export

We exported the product to Hungary. If you have your regular forwarder, we can contact with them, and export through their direction.

This is just an example of private label manufacturing.
If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to send us.