Change your “tap water” to “Health cared water”!
Now, we’re in generation of “making fine water” from “purchasing fine water”!

Water is the most essential factor for humans, so why don’ t you change your water to “aging care water”?
Water Hydrider is a collaboration of active carbon which absorbs toxic substance and ceramic ball which produced by the patent process. This is the stick that produces the water which has the ability of anti-oxidization.

Use for 3 month
Good for 180 quart
ORP: +199 to -250mV
pH:8.0 to 10.0

How to use

1. Remove the shrink film from the stick.
2. Wash with tap water before you use this stick. The black powder (active carbon) will come out at the beginning so wash until the water becomes clear.
3. Put the stick into the 1 to 2ℓcontainer.
*keep the stick inside of the container.
4. 5 hours later, the water rich in H gas and hydride ion will be generated.

What is Water Hydrider featured about?

Hydrogen plasma water made by Waer Hydrider generates hydrogen. It keeps the ability of anti-oxidization even when you pull the stick out. You can make hydrogen plasma water by just place it in a container for 5 hours with water. The biggest difference of other sticks is you can pull out the stick from the container. Therefore, you can use it in various ways. For example, you can put the hydrogen plasma water in a thermos bottle or tumbler.
You can sip anywhere you want, or put hydrogen plasma water into a mist bottle for your skincare.

Research data

Hydrogen concentration and ORP measurement

Hydrogen plasma water has gained its H2 concentration as time goes by.
ORP measurement also loses more than -200mv for more than 40 hours.

Comparison between H gas water and H plasma water about the ability to eliminate free-radical

*Nitroxyl radical is used for this examination as free radical.
*Measured by Dr. Yuto Ueda Bios Co., Ltd.

The half-life period of free radical using H plasma water has endurance ability of anti-oxidation than compare to H gas water.

Experiment data of half-life even the stick pulled out from water (ESR)

*Measured by Dr. Yuto Ueda Bios Co.,Ltd.

【Experiment】 Measurement of half-life. Dipped the stick in for 24 hours and pulled out from the water for measuring.
【Result】 Horizontal line shows hours (hrs), Vertical shows the half-life of free-radical. (min) Ability of deoxidization has not changed even the stick pulled out from the water.

Can we boil this Hydrogen Plasma Water?

Yes, we have evidence for keeping anti-oxidative ability even if Hydrogen Plasma Water is boiled. ※Don’t boil with the stick itself.

What reviews comes up for Water Hydrider from users?

most of the users are saying “easily to wake up in the morning” or “hard to feel tiredness” as reviews. Also, because hydrogen plasma water has an ability of penetration and extraction, some of the users are saying “adds depth to coffee flavor”

Hydrogen plasma water       tap water

Hydrogen plasma water       tap water

What type of water should I use?

You may use any drinking water or pre-filtered tap-water. Water hydrider is not a water purifier so we do not recommend using unhygienic water.

Water Hydrier product information

Water Hydrider Maintenance