Characteristics of Mag portion

  • You can make hydrogen water everywhere, every time.
  • Mag portion contains a material which produce hydrogen gas in water. It means that hydrogen doesn’t escape from water.
  • Single-use sachet.  You can take everywhere.
  • When you want to put it into over 1,000 ml of water, you can put 2sachet into water. If you want more hydrogen, put more than 3 sachet.

How to use

  1. Put 1 sachet into 500ml of drinking water, energy drink, tea, etc.
  2. Shake the bottle more than 10 times.
  3. 15min – 30 min later, the water turns into hydrogen water. It would be better to shake the bottle again just before you drink it.

H2 concentration in water


We put a mag portion into each 500ml of water and shook each bottle for 10 seconds. Then left them and detected H2 concentration in water after 10min., 30min., and 60min.

You can use any way

When you buy drinking water, you can make hydrogen water at that place.

When you are at sport gym, or in the middle of working out, you can take hydrogen water. If you get an energy drink at the gym, let’s put a mag portion into the energy drink. The energy drink turns Hydrogen dissolved energy drink!

You can use it also to hydrogen water on the market. Mag portion adds more reduction property into the water.

Let’s use mag portion when dining! By the dishes are ready,  hydrogen water is also ready. Enjoy the dishes and hydrogen water!


•Calcium sulfate sphere melt in the water after 24hours. Please drink the water in 24 hours.

•We recommend shaking again just before you drink it. Mag portion reacts again in water and generate hydrogen more.